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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 3, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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connecticut. the survivors of the deadly rampage are getting a fresh start at a new school in a neighboring community. rob explains the goal is to have a normal day as possible. >> as the children of sandy hook elementary school life at class the streets are lined with green ribbons, the colors the symbol of the sandy hook elementary school. people from around the world are also showing their support, some sending snowflakes with messages of love and hope that are now hanging throughout the new school. >> a great deal of thought and effort and volunteer work to make this as seamless as possible and make it...really, to look cheerful and happy. the newly named building design as a middle school has been modified for younger kids with sinks and toilets lowered and the sign "chalk hill middle school," reads sandy hook elementary school. in many classrooms students find
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everything as they left it including desks and backpacks. >> when you return to a familiarness, and something that feels comfort, that will restore your previous belief and restore the worldview that could be shaken up. >> former principal who retire two years ago is returning to the school. on wednesday, the new school held an open house for students and parents to look. police where the new school is located will patrol the area but do not want the children to feel overburdened by the police presence. >> it has to be the safest school in america. >> en knows the first few days will be a balancing act between security and normal parents can come to school and class with their children. >> a fourth suspect in the
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murder of a millionaire is due in court today to face charges. the 21-year-old will appear in court today. the prosecution could seek the death penalty or live without parole against austin and two other suspects. a fourth suspect, dixon, is charged with accessory after the murder. they are accused of the home invasion, robbery, and murder of an entrepreneur millionaire in november. the wife, also, was assaulted in the attack. >> san francisco police investigators hope surveillance video they made public will lead them to the man would brutally killed a dog during a street robbery. the video shows the man running from the scene of a throwing the dog into traffic on the street. the man grabbed her shirt and tried to take money from her pocket and became angry when the dog started barking in the car.
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posters have gob -- gone up with the picture. there is a reward. >> groups fighting a law banning a law of shark fin are trying to appeal the ruling, after the judge rejected that this discriminates against chinese americans. shark fin soup is a delicacy in many chinese restaurants in california and restaurant owners say they stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. the law supporters say it will stop fishermen from cutting fins and then throwing the sharks in the ocean to die. >> homeowner is in a tent in the front yard in a legal battle with the city. the city has tagged the house after remodeling work has been done for 10 years. the officials say the house dangerous and lacks working plumbing and heating. his wife and son have moved in with relatives while he moved into a tent.
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>> we did what they asked. they are not happy. for some reason they are not happy and feel it should be done immediately. >> it is a public nuisance that involves potential fire hazard. it involves potential rodent infestation. >> the city wants to legally force the family to clean up or abandon the house. a court hearing is set for february 14. >> it is 4:35. >> do you feel as chilled as yesterday morning? >> yes, but i am not as cold this morning. >> it is about the same. temperatures will continue fall close to levels from yesterday. be prepared. now the fog that is forming around santa rosa, and posted temperatures in the 28-degree range. that could lead to black ice. we will watch santa rosa for you
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including the bridges and over passes which could get black ice. the cold front is moving toward the area and it will be dry again today. temperatures running from 29 inland at 7:00, and 40 at the coast and upper 40's to low 50's for lunch, and mid-50's through 4:00 dropping back to the upper 30's inland by 7:00 and mid-40's for the bay and the coast. friday will be nice with temperatures around 60. clouds are increasing and mid-to-upper 50's on saturday. the storm will get closer to the coast and bring us a chance of rain. >> good morning, everyone. just road work right now. we have 880 southbound out of oakland at 980 down to 5th and embarcardero various lanes until
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5:00, and toward newark and fremont there is road work until 6:00. the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see light conditions, no problems on the upper deck which is moving into san francisco. and the san mateo condition, tail lights headed to the peninsula and foster city area eastbound driving into haywood and the plaza is looking good. katie? >> thank you. flooding put a peninsula community in danger. the city leaders are looking for emergency help. >> back from the brink of the fiscal cliff and hidden benefits that the bill could bring if commuters but first, tech bytes. >> new laws make it illegal for some to request facebook passwords. california and illinois have
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banned companies from asking employees for their social networking log in. michigan, new jersey, maryland and delaware have similar laws. apple has a "fix" for devices, the do not disturb feature which resumes normal operation on january 7 so you can turn it on or off manually. and there will be an end to spy cam photos that will have to be held still before they can snap a picture. >> and there is buzz on a new line of tv's from samsung with unprecedented shape and design leading to speculation it could be vertical and
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>> oakland, and sunnyvale, this is abc7 news.
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>> welcome back. you are look live from our camera over a chilly bay area this morning. mike says expect it will be the same as yesterday. bundle up to the same degree with the full forecast coming up. >> new this morning, police in india plan to file charges against six defendants in a gang rain and killing of a 23-year-old university student. the attack on the woman two weeks ago continues to stir global protests including in the bay area. critics are upset it has taken so long to move forward. the crime has sparked new demand if tougher laws against assault suspects. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton is out of the hospital and critics question whether she was sick at all. she left the new york hospital where she was treated for a blood clot in a vein between her skull and brain. doctors say she should make a full recovery. the illness forced her to cancel
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the testimony before congress regarding the terrorist attack on the consulate in libya. conservative commentators say she must have come down with a case of "benghazi flu." or a virus with impeccable timing. >> the house of representatives is scheduled to vote on aid for super storm sandy victims tomorrow. house speaker boehner faced criticism from both sides after delaying a vote on the $60 billion aid back imagine. the house will bill on a $9 billion flood insurance proposal and tackle the remaining $51 billion in the package january 15. the senate will have to approve the legislation because the votes are taken in the new congress sworn in today. >> bay area commuter could get an unexpected windfall from the fiscal cliff bill signed by president obama. the law restores a commuter benefits program that allows workers to use pretax dollars to pay if commutes town $240 each
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month can be paid on a pre-tax basis. passengers qualify up to $1,500 a year for public transportation area residents did not know the problem was on the table. >> city council votes to declare an emergency so the city can request state disaster funds to solve a flooding problem. all the rain at christmastime pushed the san francisco creek over the banks into several homes. abc7 reporter explains the plan to keep the creek under control. >> christmas eve, palo alto residents got a gift they did not want. the waters rose to the third highest level in history flooding seven homes and damaging heavies and streets. the damage is pegged at $2.7 million but they do not have the money to do repairs before the next big storm strikes. >> there is a threat for the remaining rain season because of
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the erosion that now affects the road, it is affecting the bridge, and it has the potential to break at some point. >> the city council will vote on an emergency proclamation to request disaster funds from the state. east palo alto budget is operating at a deficit. state aid covers 75 percent of the cost. there is no indication whether the governor will agree to help. the city has done its homework documenting the damage to a pump station and roads and other facilities and a plan to address flooding by a joint powers authority but short-term repairs are needed. >> central valley citrus growers have their fingers crossed hoping to make it through another morning without seeing serious damage to their crop. growers turned on the fans to keep the airsick lating to prevent frost. temperatures have dipped into
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the 30's the last few days with harvesting underway. most oranges are under the trees. >> and now surveys show the mountain snow pack is 134 percent of normal, half of its average for april when the snow pack is at the height. california's main reservoirs are above 70 percent capacity. >> we are talking good water content? >> for now. but we are still behind as far as the year. that is up to april 1 so keep it going. this time last year we were at 19 percent so a difference. good morning, everyone, 4:45 and we could have a new chance of rain. not "new" but we have been talking a chance of rain over the week. as we look down here to the san mateo bridge, that is clear air.
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you can see how clear it is, with no rain, no clouds, maybe a few meteors at this time. 28 in santa rosa, the cool spot. and up to 43 in san francisco. and 41 in fremont and everyone else is in the 30's. and salinas is at 37. mostly sunny. not quite as cold the next few days. rain is looking more likely for sunday so it is a 50/50 weekend. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's with more high clouds than yesterday. headed to the bay you will have more 60's, and tonight the 20's are gone but we have low 30's inland to upper 30's so frosty spots are possible and frost is less likely around the bay shore
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to the coast where the coolest temperature at palo alto at 36 and the warmest is san francisco at 46. the front is getting super close in the high clouds associated with it. the high pressure will hold off the rain for now. the system will chip away and it will on the door for the next one on sunday. here is what is happening, you can see a nice strip, a narrow band of rain, and the front will get closer and the front falls apart so we will just have high clouds and sunshine for today. here is the seven day forecast, another run at the 60's tomorrow. a stronger breeze coming off the ocean we will be in the mid-to-upper 50's with increasing clouds on saturday and good chance of rain for sunday and monday, tuesday, and wednesday, dry with temperatures near 60. have a great day. >> up to the santa cruz
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mountains, highway nine, a car hit a power pole with a fire truck on the scene. it is a remote area. eastbound 4, that remains shut down until 5:00 this morning with a detour in place because of road work. westbound is looking good, the normal commute direction moving toward pittsburgh. and san rafael, southbound 101, and toward the civic center, light conditions moving southbound toward the central san rafael area. and quiet at 880 from the south and 88 funneling to the bay bridge toll plaza with in problems headed to the bay bridge on the upper deck into san francisco. >> thank you, 4:48. starbucks has a way to keep countless paper cups out of the land fulls and how much it will cost you.
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>> you are looking like at our camera. a cold one this morning. the frost got my tongue. bundle up. we will let you know the temperatures in your neighborhood coming up. >> next week, governor brown will announce the most significant changes in decades on how california funds education giving districts more local control and boost funding if schools with low income and non-english speaking students. the plan changes what is called categorical funding super restricted money the state gives to schools that must be spent on certain programs such as adult education and smaller class size.
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there are 56 categories in all, costing nearly $12 billion a year. governor brown will unveil the plan when he releases the budget proposal. >> starbucks believes the customers could go grown by offering extra green by buying re-useable cups, and will sell reusable plastic tumblers for a dollar and customers get a ten cent discount when they reuse the cup so it pays for itself after ten cups. starbucks will clean them for you each time when you come in. the idea come as restaurants face mounting pressure to reduce the use of disposable cups. >> they are washing it! i like that. going "green." >> based on what you said, glue is what we have this morning, in the 20's, right, mike? >> describing ice off the wind shield as temperatures dropped to 26 on the ride in.
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by the afternoon, though, they will be 30 degrees warmer, in the mid-to-upper 50's and possibly 60 on the thermometer. more high clouds than yesterday but a bright sky. radar was quiet but we do have one storm that could bring a stray shower toward crescent city but mid-40's in tahoe and the warmest in the south in the mid-to-upper 50's in palm springs and los angeles. >> we have a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza with light conditions and no problems through pressure island. golden gate bridge, road work northbound direction to one lane and the left lane only. southbound you will have two lanes for the next bit and they will open it up to four lanes for the southbound normal
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community. eastbound, we have road work until 5:00 a.m., so a few more minutes you will see slow traffic with the yellow sensors and otherwise the westbound commute is looking good and road work in the oakland area, two separate areas southbound including southbound from high street to 66 which is picked up in the next couple of minutes. >> it is 4:54. the c.e.o. who led the safeway supermarket chain for two decades is retiring at the annual stockholders meeting may 14. he joined safe way in october of 1992 as president and helped establish the company as an industry leader in health and wellness. he has been credited with raiding more than $2 billion for charity, $200 million for cancer research. he says he is leaving to pursue work in health care. federal investigators are working to determine why a small plane had to make a hard landing in las vegas yesterday.
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investigators say the plane slammed on to the runway and skidded off of the runway and burst in flames. crews put out the flames but the plane was destroyed and to people on board safely escaped. >> virgin america face as fine for failing to let passengers leave a jet delayed on the ground at $55,000, a flight headed for san francisco. they did not inform passengers that they could leave during the two hour and 16-minute delay in chicago. the f.a.a. fines copa for a panama flight of $150,000 after the passengers were on board for five fours at kennedy airport. >> incredible photo marking the baby's entrance into the world, a viral picture of baby nevia
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reaching from her mother's womb and holding the finger of the doctor performing a c-section taken by the dad and it has become the first viral facebook photos of the year. a touching moment going in the photo books. >> san francisco police are on the scene of a home invasion robbery that happened a short while ago. our abc7 reporter is live on the scene. >> police are inside interviewing the victims and we have a couple of officers standing in front watching a butcher knife left in the bushes here and making sure no one disturbs it. police got the call that the home invasion was happening before 3:00 this morning and we are on 40th avenue in sunset district or richmond district, rather, at geary. police are wrapping up the interview with the victims. the victims are physically okay.
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no one was hurt. police say a group of people went inside the home. they do not know how they got in. the front gate does not appear to be damaged. they got away with electronics. no one was hurt. there much -- were reports the suspects had guns but police do not know if they came in with guns pointed and aimed at the victims. they tried to trace a cell phone stolen and they tried to do a tracker with a satellite but they could not find it. no arrests now have been made and they do not know where the stuff or people what took it but no injuries. investigators are on the way. >> thank you. we will continue to follow that breaking news in san francisco. >> next on abc7 news at 5:00 a.m., what investigators say robbers got away with. >> also, nowhere to be found, the search for a bay area teenager last seen new year's
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eve in lake tahoe. >> the highway patrol puts out the help wanted sign and what you need to know
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alive from kgo broadcast center this is the kgo news. >> thanks for joining us, i am katie marzullo. >> a frosty start to the day. mike? >> good morning. thank you, ladies, nice to see both of you on this thursday. it is dry again. because of that, temperatures have fallen into the freezing


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